Sunday, May 10, 2015

Last Minute Mother's Day Gift!!! Baby Food Jars!

So this year I was on a budget for all the moms in my life and decided what better thing than to give them something homemade!
What we made- Some flower vases made from baby food jars!

Sounds cheap and expensive, which they were, and all of the items we had lying around the house.
What you'll need-

Baby food jars or mason jars.
Flowers, any kind, and as many as will fit. Cut stems to fit.
Scissors, glue.
Ribbon, rhinestones, glitter pens, whatever crafting stuff you might already own.

What you'll/child will do is add the stickers to the jar however they please. Write on it with gel pens, glue and glitter, add rhinestones, etc. However you please.
Once you are done with that add some pretty ribbon to the top. *Not necessary but I painted the tops with acrylics and then sealed with mod podge. Figured grandma could repurpose the jar and top and if she feels like storing things in it later on she can.

The outcome.
The back side of them. 

Super easy project that the kids will love putting together whether for the significant other or extended moms like grandma or auntie :) Enjoy

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Philip's Avent Bottle Review

Bought some for my 6 month old who's bottles kept leaking from the side of the screw on top by a different brand, ARGH!!!
That pesky thought that you need to buy new bottles in the back of your mind but don't know what brand to go with...
Well let me tell you, the reader, that I think I found the perfect "normal" bottle with no effing gimmicks to it. That's right!
No gimmicks, and they work!
We bought the Avent Natural bottle pack of 3,  9 oz back at Target for about $20 plus taxes. They didn't have too many models to chose from other than this one and three other brands.
Which was a bit odd but what the heck I was already at target and didn't feel like being on a hunt to go to other stores.
Saw these and looked at their bottle display. Wide neck and silicone nipple. reminded me of the first bottle I originally bought her, except these didn't have all the bells and whistles that came with those with the extra bottle parts. Thank god!
All it is- the bottle, screw top, and nipple. Of course the cap but that's besides the point.
There were no inserts or strange anti-colic valves you have to remove, which makes washing ridiculously time consuming when washing by hand.
Only downside is that even though they're intended for 0+ months I do notice the nipple hole is kinda big and leaks faster then other newborn nipples. I suggest these for babies that are ready for fast flow.
Other then that my baby took the new bottles extremely well. No issues transitioning from the other brands wide neck bottles.
I highly recommend these mommas!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

NUBY 3 Stage Sippy Cup Non Drip Review

My 14 month old decided to "hide" her bottles one day and when they were found they had to be tossed out due to mold. Thanks little baby girl, now momma has to buy a whole new set!
Now that she's reached her first birthday she can transition to a sippy cup. I went and bought the cheapest most generic brand the store carried just to "try" them out. She did not drink out of them correctly and was pouring her milk all over the place! They were the disposable type with a hard plastic spout.
As a mom we have to research all brands to try to find the one that meets our needs.
After a day of me researching, and my eyeballs popping out of my skull, I decided on Nuby's 3 Stage Sippy Cups.They are meant be used from 3 months and up. They come with removable handles and an extra silicone nipple inside. So you'll have a regular nipple and a sippy cup nipple. Very cool and convenient. I only needed the sippy cup spout nipple so I put away the extra one for my almost here newborn to use later on.
So I filled one up with her milk and crossed my fingers she would just drink out of it with no spills.
Holy grail of sippy cups, she loved it!!! She held the handles and can walk with it. And no leaks whatsoever! The nipple confused her for a second but once she got the hang of it she drank all her milk. Love these!!! My advice is to find and buy the double pack. If you buy one individually they cost about 6-7 dollars with tax but the double pack is around 8 bucks and some change. Better deal! Here's BabiesRUs link if you want to check them out through them.

UPDATE! Took up jogging to lose the baby weight!

I started running a few months back to try to get my pre-baby body back after 5 years of letting myself go.
Here's the link to my other blog post explaining the progress-
If your a mom and want to start running here's a video that can help you out with a beginners tip.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Getting Into the Routine

Just been busy with life. Three kids can drain you out of your time and energy. If I'm not feeding one I'm either changing a diaper or chasing one around the house. 
Things are slowly falling back into place with a routine.
My c-section healed well, at least from the outside. I heard it takes several months for one to heal completely from the inside. I want to say maybe two weeks after surgery is when I was able to do more things around the house.
Our baby girl is growing bigger by the day. Born at 8 pounds and some ounces, she was definitely not little!
My oldest daughter is starting school this year. Yup, major changes this year indeed! It's kind of hard to wrap my head around all the changes and how fast my kids are growing.
I sort of wish I could just stop time for a bit just to catch up on my thoughts and feelings about everything.
But I know its not possible and continue to try to make a routine for all of us.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Judgmental People? Having 3 Kids?!

What is it with people being so judgmental with a mom who has more than 2 kids. And no this isn't all in my head, I've actually overheard people making comments while they're passing by us.
With our first daughter people (strangers) seemed joyous for us and would ask what it was and how along was I. And mention as if it was our first (which she was at the time).
With our second not as many strangers would approach us but occasionally I'd get the how far along are you question. Nothing too unusual.
With this pregnancy I'm a little annoyed with how people perceive us. And I wasn't even as big as I am now.
Some woman in their 20's were next to us as we waited to board the tram back to our car when all of a sudden one of them mentions that her cousin already has 3 kids at her age and could her friend believe that?
It's no shocker that she was more then likely mentioning her cousin because she noticed I'm pregnant and we (hubby and I) were each holding one of our kids.
Last time I checked no one else is taking care of our kids financially, what's it to them. I have no problem managing our two kids now, why would a third one be any harder or different. I enjoy my kids, without ever having a babysitter or hardly extra help.
Oh, and recently some distant relative made a snarky comment about "how many kids were you planning 13 or something?"
That took the cake. I never knew people could be such judgemental jerks.
Maybe people are choosing to have less children in todays times?
I don't know but that's still no reason to comment about something that's not in their control about other people's choice of having more than one or 2 kids.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Updated: Needed Items to Stock Up On

For any first time moms out there who might not know what to stock up on before the baby's arrival heres a short list of some stuff to put on your buy list.
1) Diapers!!! If you didn't get any at your baby shower or you didn't have one, buy them and stock up. Even if it's a pack a week till your due. After the baby arrives you'll thank me not having to step outside to get them.
2) Baby wipes. The economy size packs. You can never have enough of them.
3) Large economy size hand sanitizer. People will want to come see the new addition but always have them sanitize their hands when they come in to see the baby.
4) Jumbo night time feminine pads. If you don't know why you'll need these the hospital will explain it to you. Buy a couple months supplies.
4) Nursing (breastfeeding) Pads. You might need them before you have the baby and their handy to have in advance because you will leak whether you breastfeed or not.
6) If you bottle feed buy a couple brands to try out incase your baby doesn't like one of them. Happened to us with both children. Trial and error. Sometimes they latch better on some bottle types over others.

If you need help on knowing what to pack for your hospital bag here's the link to my past post with my prior hospital bag for my last daughter's delivery.